Biometric employee time-tracking system

Long gone are those days when employers filled in manual timesheets or self-report to keep tabs on working time and attendance. At that time, these archaic ways of tracking employee time and attendance turned out to be insufficient, since employees had a chance to clock in on each other’s behalf. That is the main reason most companies are embracing technology to find a better solution to measure office hours. That’s when a biometric system comes into the spotlight.

Time and attendance systems are essential business devices that accurately record employee working hours. Employees use an app, card, fob, or biometric machine to clock in or out of their shifts.

What Industries May Benefit From Time and Attendance Software

In fact, the time control software can contribute to any industry field and company that wants to accurately monitor punctuality and absenteeism and avoid administrative issues later. Among other things, such systems allow company leaders to increase productivity, streamline daily operations, improve employee morale, and reap other benefits. Let us show it to you by using the example of companies from various areas. 

  • Retail industry. Monitoring working hours is among the main challenges for any retailer since retail employees work in shifts. Automated time tracking will help you remain compliant with time and wages, streamline the payroll process, and improve the bottom-line. 
  • Educational institutions. Tracking student attendance is a major headache in most educational establishments. This is a task that guzzles up hours and hours to complete at the end of the year. Automated tracking will boost the sense of student responsibility and also help with program planning.
  • Constructions and factories. Managing a remote construction workforce without an automated attendance system is next to impossible. Constructions workers are always on the go, working at new locations with varying work environments. Fully automated time management software ensures accurate time reporting, liability, and generates error-free data for payroll. 
  • Healthcare organizations. As for healthcare organizations, lots of them have round the clock shifts, flexible scheduling, and unique demands. Taking into account the importance of this sector, hospitals have to do their best to stay vigilant with their management and superintendence.
  • Companies with remote workers. During the current global pandemic, work from home has become a new norml. As a result, businesses have been compelled to adapt to new realities and leverage technology. The software under question helps with employee productivity and keeps an eye on the home-based workforce. 

Top Benefits of Time and Attendance Software 

Now that we have got to grips with benefits by industry, let’s zoom into other advantages that automated tracking offers.

  • Superior accuracy. Automated systems host a single database that stores employee information. This data can be then seamlessly transported to other stages of workforce management like payroll. This eliminates the risks of administrative errors and provides a hassle-free way to data processing. 
  • Better and easier scheduling. Supervisors can easily review, access, and create employee schedules to guarantee adequate coverage. It also helps with personalized attendance rules and flexible shifts. 
  • Productivity boost. Not only do biometric solutions make work processes more efficient, but they also motivate workers to work productively. 
  • Costs cutting.  Employee time tracking solution immediately reduces labor costs by eradicating inaccurate time reporting, buddy punching, absenteeism, and time abuse.

Employee Tracking Solutions: Key features

If you want to drive digitalization to your business and pare down on legacy time tracking methods, time and attendance software is no longer an option. To decide on the perfect system for your work environment, you need to have a basic understanding of core features.

  • Checkin/checkout. This is a staple feature that is implemented to track employees’ physical movements in and out of the building. 
  • Time tracking. Time management is a basic feature that will help with accurate time tracking for each worker. 
  • Screen capture. Manage your remote personnel with the help of periodic screenshots for feedback and monitoring.
  • Location-based feature. Automated time management systems use GPS to track where remote workers start and end their shifts.
  • Payroll integration. An integrated payroll solution uses accurate attendance data for the payroll cycle. Thus, managers can calculate the salary and other benefits rapidly and error-free.
  • Real-time analytics. Analytical features are needed for generating accurate and powerful attendance analytics and future planning. 

NCheck is the ultimate time management solution

The market of time and attendance software has been thriving over the past few years, offering you a plentitude of options. And it’s easy to become shortsighted with such a wide choice, so make sure you choose wisely. First of all, base your choice on your unique business needs and industry nuances. Also, attendance software should offer clocking versatility, allowing employees to clock-in according to their preferences. The innovative solution created by NCheck may become your perfect feature-rich software for employee productivity tracking. This comprehensive application abounds in the following features:

  • Biometrical identification. This application offers users a few biometric reader options, including finger geometry, face or retina identification approaches. 
  • Liveness detection. Also, this solution bridges security gaps, by distinguishing between a living creature and an artificial representation.
  • Contactless attendance tracking. This is an essential feature amidst the pandemic, that helps curb the spread of the disease. The reader fetches the information without screen taps. 
  • Face mask identification system. This is another pandemic-driven feature that takes care of work hygiene but still allows accurate time tracking.
  • Real-time face detection. This feature allows employees to check-in and out without making any stops. Face detection takes place in real-time when an employee passes by.
  • Multiple face identification. This feature is especially convenient for huge enterprises with a high-traffic check-in.  

The Final Word

Although every business owner has a different perspective employee management, time and attendance play a vital role in each one. Time and attendance control software is a staple in today’s digitized world. No matter the industry and size, any company can benefit from such systems, since they offer unmatched benefits like reduced costs and streamlined work processes. With a myriad of options, it may appear difficult to choose the perfect time and attendance management solution. The one developed by NCheck can become an indispensable asset for your company’s well-being.

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