Why do Varifocal glasses get chosen more than Bifocals?

A man wearing Varifocal glass

Varifocal glasses offer more promising benefits than bifocal glasses. Customers in the market are looking for a tool that makes their life simple. Something that’s better than the existing ones and it gives your more than you asked for. That’s what varifocal glasses managed to do to people struggling with vision problems.

Apart from accumulating great wisdom and lifeline experience, aging also gives you some difficulty to tackle. Once you hit your 40’s, you’ll start to notice a difference in your sight. It results in a major gradual change after a while that ultimately results into a permanent eye condition. You develop a common eye condition called presbyopia due to aging. With age, the ability of our eyes to focus on a near distance object turns extremely weak. Hence it becomes really difficult to do the work which requires attention like reading a book, newspaper or doing sewing, etc.The object or text appears blurry and unclear to recognise hence you’ll need corrective lenses. 

For correcting presbyopia, two different types of glasses are available. It’s varifocal glasses or bifocal glasses. People are mostly going after varifocals out of these two optical glasses because it offers better benefits. If you are still confused about which one to select then read on to find out. We’ve sorted you with the benefits of varifocal glasses compared to bifocal glasses to help you get a bigger perspective.

Which one is better – Varifocal lenses vs Bifocal lenses?

Type of Vision Correction

Varifocals – Varifocal lenses are constructed into three different sections each performing different corrections. The top most part of the lenses offer far distance correction. The intermediate portion on the lenses allows doing arm length work like a computer, etc. Lastly, the lower section of the lenses correct near distance objects.

With three different corrections, you get to correct far, near and intermediate distances. You can also easily manage to do computer work as there’s a portion built in these glasses.

Bifocal – Bifocal lenses contain only two different correction sections. The lenses are equally divided into two sections. The topmost part corrects far distance objects while the lowermost part corrects near distance objects.

With only two different corrections, you can either correct far or near. There’s no place in the lenses for arm length work like operating on your computer, tablet or laptop.

Better Design

Varifocal – With all the Varifocals online, you can see there’s no dividing line among the three different lenses. The lenses are clear and it looks extremely sophisticated to wear. With the absence of any sort of division line, it doesn’t give away your age.

Bifocal – Bifocal glasses design of lenses contain a thick dividing line that’s visible to everyone. The dividing line separates the two different lenses from each other. Hence because of the dividing line, the glasses don’t look great. The line breaks the design of the glasses while also giving away your age.


Smooth Transition 

Varifocal – Varifocal glasses offer seamless transition from lower to upper part of the lenses without any breakage. You just have to shift your pupils to get a far distance view then lower it for a near distance view. The varifocal glasses also contain peripheral distortion at the edge of the lenses for better and smooth transition. The distortion at the edges is blurry hence when you shift your eyes from top to lower, you don’t tend to look at the sideways.

Bifocal – Bifocal glasses contain a bold division line and there’s no design that helps to get a smooth transition. The transition only happens by looking into the two different sections while in need hence bifocal lenses work poorly towards transition from far to near.

Go ahead and make the right decision for your eyes. Varifocal and bifocal not only differ from their design but also with benefits. Get all your progressive lenses at Specscart made into high quality and superior design. Buying prescription glasses online is made greatly through Specscart. It offers all its lenses with free fully loaded coating of anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance. You can also get to try its beautiful designed frames with free home trial service for upto 4 frames till 7 days.

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