Top 5 CompTIA certifications

Top 5 comptia certifications

One of the surest ways of moving up the job ladder is by getting qualified in certain areas. If you are a technical man who worked in some field, such as network administration, computer security,or server environment, there are plenty of certifications out there to highlight your skills. In this post, we will tell you the best five CompTIA certifications which will make you a great asset for any industry.

1. CompTIA Network+ Certification

This credential also makes its way through the most sought-after CompTIA certifications, particularly for IT specialists at the entrance level. To you, the credential is especially important if you harbor the desire to become an IT support man.This is a good addition to the CompTIA A+ certification as it extends well beyond the fundamental networking skills that are only nearestto the A+ certification. Upon receiving this certification, you will have the skills to manage, install, maintain,troubleshoot, and configure basic network systems.

Like the A+ credential, the certification of Network+ is also an entry-level credential which basically means you don’t actually need a degree in computer science to pass the test. CompTIA specifically recommends, however, that an individual gets the A+ credential first before continuing with this one. In fact, CompTIA advises you have at least 9 months of experience functioning in network support, technical preparation, or network administration.

I would also strongly recommend you to really get the A+ certification first, as it provides you with a solid basis for Network+ certification. Compared with Network+, it also tends to be easier to pass and will boost your confidence. You need determination, practice tests, and good study books in order to pass the course.

In general, the CompTIA Network+ credential is one of the best credentials, especially for IT professionals at the entrance level. The credential builds on the CompTIA A+ certification by delving more closely into the computer networking field. For any good IT job, you’ll require computer networking skills.

2. CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ certification was introduced back in 1993, and is not only widely respected but is also been shown by many to be the starting course for any professional life. This A+ certification training is basically an illustration of a person having the skills of computer engineering. The certification includes many operating systems such as Apple, Microsoft,IBM, Novell,and many others.

Many employers consider the certification as the standard in the industry for the tech support technicians. Having the credential simply demonstrates competency as an expert in computing. It is not only universally recognized and impartial for the provider but also shows that the holder is skilled in areas such as preventive maintenance, security, installation,operating technologies, and systems.

3. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner or CASP is among the most sought after certifications and many IT specialists would always strive to get it. This is a security certification which includes essentially the following areas:

  • Managing risk and forecasting
  • Risk analysis
  • Enterprise security

A critical aspect of this certification is the term enterprise security because it gives practical skills and managed SME-sized enterprises. The CASP certification demonstrates that an IT specialist has advanced computer security know-how and skills in computer security matters.It is also an international credential that is also vendor-neutral which demonstrates that the applicant is qualified in the security of the organization, computer-integration, connectivity which business disciplines as well.

4. CompTIA Security+ Certification

So, you would like a kickass career in the field of network security? The great place to begin is by completing CompTIA Security+ Certification. Network security is among the fastest-growing fields of Information Technology. Taking and completing this credential successfully means you are qualified in security, organization security, network infrastructure, and access control.

Security+ is a huge step-up to the Network+ credential, as it focuses on networking while concentrating on the core security aspects. There is a very huge market for security experts in Information Technology and this is due to the reality that risks to computer security everywhere are increasing in both severity and quantity.Therefore, when you get networking expertise as well as networking security, you will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to just about any business that employs you.

5. CompTIA Server+ Certification

If you’re going to kick-start your server support career then this is a great starting point. To system administrators, the credential is ideal because once you have it, it enables you with technological expertise and information required not only to develop and manage but also to fix challenges, as well as to support cloud applications and hardware technology.

In fact, CompTIA Server+ credential is a mid-level course including advanced computing topics and not simply an intermediate level course. Therefore, it is targeted at guys with approximately 18-24 months of experience operating in a server setting. As per CompTIA, it is easier to get A+ certification first before you start on this one.The A+ offers a strong foundation for other CompTIA certifications, such as Server+, but you can skip it if you have sufficient computer expertise.

The combination of Network+, A+, and Server+ is an awesome way to demonstrate potential employers your vast computer expertise. These certifications provide you a stable base in IT. In the end, you might move on to getting the certification of Microsoft MCSA certification.

To pass the exam of CompTIA Server+ certification, you would need to complete a traditional format examination that includes, among other aspects, server-related topics such as installation, upgrading, maintenance, configuration, and disaster recovery. But first, make sure you are competent in the above areas before you go ahead to sit for the Server+ exam.


CompTIA certifications overall are a fantastic way to move up through the ranks. They are not only vendor-neutral but are also deliberately accepted. The certifications established you on an excellent future career, since there is a shortage, especially in security, of truly knowledgeable computer experts.Have any of the above CompTIA certifications or a combination of 2 or 3 and you’re sure to be of worth to many of the businesses.

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