How to Use Office 365 like A Pro


There is no doubt that Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most useful products in which companies invest. Statistics show that more than 1.178 million companies use Microsoft Office 365. This is not surprising, as the subscription provides access to important applications and key features. Microsoft Office has completely reduced the productivity of the software platform to the point where competitors record footnotes as a small victory. Technology is constantly evolving; you have to follow or lag. One must obtain Office 365 certification in order to get hands-on it and use as a professional one.

Ways to Use Office-365 Professionally

Office-365 technology offers the benefits of sophisticated data services for all companies without any complications and maintenance costs. Here are some ways of using MS Office-365 as a professional:

Online Integration

The future of technology seems to be cloud computing. Most of the currently released applications and software are now integrated online, and Microsoft was at the forefront of this revolution. Office 365 is widely marketed and making progress, but not in developing countries. Most users are at least familiar with office software. Office 2019 includes features such as saving files to OneDrive, uploading them directly to blogs (WordPress, Blogger), and sending emails to files directly from Office.

Office Supplies Store

Microsoft repackaged an additional feature, renaming it the app. They have also created and shaped an Office Store, where users can download an unlimited number of useful applications to enhance Office functions. Applications such as the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Translator and Abbreviation List stand out alongside WordCalc and TaskIt – all designed to provide special productivity-enhancing features. Be sure to review the entire file online to find out what works for you.

Translation Services

Embedded transcripts can be used to translate text written in another language. Offline text translation in Office only works if multiple languages ​​have been added to the system (unless a translation program has been downloaded). Translating entire files requires an Internet service or application on the Internet, and since nothing affects the translator, this service is quite decent.

Protect Your Files

Microsoft Office includes file protection features that can be useful when a user needs to share files. Security features include password protection, editing, and access restrictions. Finally, you can mark the file and make it read-only. Another feature that can be used to protect a document is tracking changes, especially useful for documents that many people work with. Approval can be granted or denied, allowing you to return to the previous state of the document.

Open Local Files Remotely

While you can use Microsoft Pay per Incident support if you have problems with Office, you know better what’s going on with your order. For example, your computer decides not to work together when saving files. In this case, you can easily access local files using Office 365.

Everything Synchronized

Another tip you need to master is to align with everyone. This means you are on the same page as your employees, regardless of their territory. With SharePoint Office 365, everyone on your team can let you work on a single document. This saves you from using different versions of the document. It also helps reduce confusion and increases everyone’s productivity.

Master the Shortcuts

Another important tip, especially when using Excel 365, is to learn shortcuts. Shortcuts save you a lot of time when viewing and viewing Excel documents. They are also useful for workers with visual and mobility skills.

Touch Planning Assistant

Another significant feature of Microsoft Office 365 that you need to use more often is the Scheduling Assistant. This tool helps you better manage appointments so you don’t forget them. The planning assistant speaks if the other person is busy, free, or missing an office. To use this feature, open Outlook and create a meeting request. Add people you want to meet. Go to the table and select “Planning Assistant.” Find the desired time, if both are available, then press the “Play” button.

Manage Your Calendar

In addition to using this, you also need to manage your calendar. Add colour categories to your calendar. For example, you can set your date in blue. You can choose green to get to know the company. You should also consider sharing your calendar with people who are not from your company. This will let other people know if they are available.

Use Recurring Meeting

When you return to appointments, your calendar is likely to repeat itself. However, changes in location, time, and participants may change. Therefore, you need to change the format of the conference call. Schedule your regular appointments in your Outlook calendar to avoid this next quarter. It reduces confusion and saves time when sorting meeting data.

 “Alert Me” is Your Friend

You must also use SharePoint’s Alert Me feature. This tool notifies you of changes to your files. Notifications will automatically send you an SMS or email about the changes. To enable this, go to the “List” section, click “Notify me” and select Set notification for this document (or library). It will ensure that you attend a meeting with available updated documents.

Protect Sensitive Files

Finally, you need to learn how to protect your sensitive files with Office 365. Sometimes you want to share confidential information for some time. To do this, you must add a valid link to the files. Click the “Share” button and then the “Connection settings” button. Select “Add validity” and add a date. Also, you can add keywords that contain sensitive data to your links. To do this, go to the “Share” section and then click the “Set password” button. Set a password, copy the link to your document, and send it to the recipient.

Work Offline

The Internet may not work in your office today. You may be stuck in a remote cabin where internet access is possible. Do you just need to turn your thumb? Well, with Office 365, you can always make the most of your time. When you sign up for this service, Microsoft offers desktop versions of popular applications such as PowerPoint and Excel. You can also save SharePoint and OneDrive files to your hard disk. It will allow you to access offline, and any changes you make will automatically be saved in the cloud when you reconnect to the Internet.


It is concluded that everyone can use Office-365 like a professional since it is easy to acquire as well as easy to practice, and designed for businesses that don’t have a built-in information group. This lets individual’s to fix as well as distribute software structures and helps to emphasis on corporate relatively. One is able to act as a spontaneous management project which is only available on the way to the people.

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