15+ Must-Known TikTok Stats For Marketers To Achieve Success

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TikTok, the growing app, which came to launch in 2016, spoke for its lip-syncing videos at the very first. TikTok, known as Douyin, is a video-sharing social network owned by a Chinese business Bytedance. TikTok videos start from 15 to 60 seconds long, including any genres such as dance, humor, and education. TikTok stats would help marketers to put their ideas into context. 

Usually speaking, with the help of TikTok statistics, you can learn where and how people are using the app. Also, it helps marketers to anticipate things from their businesses. 

  1. TikTok – Downloaded Over 2 Billion Times

As reported by the business, TikTok reached the 2 billion global download milestone in August 2020. Also, TikTok is the app that continuously got more downloads in 2020. 

  1. TikTok-7th Most-used Social App

TikTok is the seventh most popular app in comparison with others. With 689 million active members in January 2021, it specialized its qualities by gaining popularity. 

Global usage statistics say that the user base has been a target of geopolitical assassination the recent years. During the ban of TikTok in India, it was on track to reach 120 million users, which exceeds other apps like Instagram and Snapchat. 

  1. TikTok – Now Available In 200 Countries

Despite the bans, TikTok grew its fame and popularity in the year 2020. Around 50 countries are still using the TikTok app, where they added their service map in the past year. 

  1. TikTok Vs. Tik Tok- The Most Used Search Query On Youtube

TikTok does not precisely match the Douyin app; however, the search query is incomplete without spelling variations. TikTok is the most extracted information on the youtube app as they were famous. 

  1. Estimated Valuation Of $100 Billion

TikTok owner Bytedance is the first step that helped in the most valuable start-up of this app. Reports say that the parent company valued the TikTok app at $100 billion. After being valued at $75 billion, the multinational overtook uber as the world’s valuable start-up. 

  1. No Market Prefers TikTok As Favourite App

A survey of 180,852 internet users conducted by GlobalWebIndex in 2020 said that TikTok isn’t a favorite service. Whatsapp was the preferred one by the 22 countries, which Facebook followed. 

  1. TikTok – With Nearly 100 Million Active Users In U.S

The papers state that 91.9 million Americans use TikTok every month, with 50 million using the app daily. It was specified in the June 2020 filings where the engagement rate is quite large enough. 

  1. TikTok – Finds Funny And Entertaining Contents

When a question was raised among the GlobalWebIndex survey “how they use TikTok, majorly the respondents answered: to find out the funny and entertaining concepts. 

Posting and sharing are the activities that act as a common behavior of the audience on TikTok. To grow your presence on TikTok, begin to post, minimum once a day. Posting frequently will boost TikTok likes for your videos since the audience will notice that you are active on TikTok and will be more likely to view other videos. However, you can repost videos on TikTok but don’t forget to appreciate the owner of the original post

  1. TikTok – What About Songs

Music is the first and foremost thing that drives TikTok crazy. One hundred seventy-six different songs hold TikTok, where it got 1 billion video views in the year 2020. In comparison, TikTok gets more plays than the Spotify app. Some of the old songs can get popularized on TikTok also. 

  1. Ocean Spray Earned 15 Billion Media Impressions

When it comes to brands, TikTok is still the wild west. For example, Ocean spray and a 90-year-old beverage brand received 15 million media impressions on TikTok in a month without doing anything else except watching the app. 

Ocean spray was not behind the video; the increase in reach, revenue, and other metrics that the brand saw resulted from the video. Because of the popularity of viral TikTok moments, corporations such as Walmart and Dunkin Donuts began to encourage their workers to post their videos while they were at work. 

  1. TikTok-Business Stats

TikTok is the second-biggest app based on consumer spending. Data collected from the IOS and Google Play store reveal that TikTok lags behind the Tinder app regarding consumer spending. But, TikTok beats the other apps such as Youtube, Disney+, Tencent Video, and Netflix. 

  1. 33% TikTok Ads Break The Fourth Wall

TikTok report says that one among the three ads gets the highest view-through rate where someone directly talks with the audience. TikTok is also called a creator-driven platform that favors ads with the same feel and looks. It results in extending it to the organic content as well. 

  1. Kantar Location- 72% Preferred Topview Ad Format

According to the Kantar study on TikTok, over three-quarters of respondents selected top-view ads as the most effective one for the TikTok app. Additionally, participants mentioned the format’s full screen and the sound features as a reason for their preference. 

  1. #Blacklivesmatter- Posts Received More Than 26.1 Billion Views

Like other social media apps, TikTok has also started as an outlet for social and political activism. In 2020-august 16th, #BlackLivesMatter tag posts got more views which were about 20.3 billion. However, the tag faced more issues on the app; despite being a driving force behind the trend on the platform, black influencers received the correct recognition. Also, in January 2020, the company launched the TikTok for black creatives program. 

  1. Android Users Spend An Average Of 13.3 Hours On The App

Research from AppAnnie finds that TikTok users who use android devices spend an average of 13.3 hours streaming on the app in a month. So, this puts TikTok in the fourth position among the other social apps, including Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. 

  1. TikTok – 25% Of Zen In The U.S

TikTok is the app where most of the younger audience resists. A report by morning consult revealed that one in four U.S Gen Zers were more inclined to use TikTok. And only 9% of the Gen Zers polled say that they are less likely in app usage. 

  1. TikTok – #AlTikTok Is One Of The App’s Top Niche

TikTok’s latest year-end report highlights the niche communities that took off in the year 2020. Top of the list is the “arty side of the cafeteria.” 

  1. TikTok Ads – CTR Put Their Message Upfront

Time and the statistics prove that the three seconds of the video seem to be critical. In this case, TikTok research extracts that 63% of the ads showcase the products or message in the first three seconds. 


TikTok’s reach is submissive, so when you consider creating a revolution in this platform, thoroughly review the statistics for a satisfactory outcome. In 2021, the younger people began an emotional impact of books with the label tagged as “BookTok,” which significantly drove literature sales. I hope the article will help you create an impression among the people before diving into the concept flow. 

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15+ Must-Known TikTok Stats For Marketers To Achieve Success
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15+ Must-Known TikTok Stats For Marketers To Achieve Success
With the help of TikTok statistics, you can learn where and how people are using the app. Also, it helps marketers to anticipate things from their businesses.
Anne Joseph
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