10 Best Tech Gifts for Christmas For Your Loved Ones

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Christmas is waiting around the corner with love, joy and prosperity in its gift bag for you. The lights are up, the Christmas tree is decorated and nativities are being set up to welcome the occasion with open arms. You must have started shopping for drop dead gorgeous outfits for the Christmas party and looking through the festive treats to serve your guest, friends and family but have you thought about gifts yet? Christmas is incomplete without gift exchange and to find a unique gift for everyone takes a lot of time and effort. But if you are looking for some marvellous tech gifts for Christmas to make your loved ones squeal with joy, we are here to sort that problem. It’s the least we could do for our lovely readers.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

  1. Noise Cancellation Headphones

This is one of the best tech gifts for Christmas you can give to a music lover. Whether they are working from home, studying or just wish to get lost in the fairy tale world of music, a pair of noise cancellation headphones will lead the way for them. Pick one with the perfect blend of bass and treble, and become their favourite person of the year.

  1. The Sunrise Lamp

If you are looking for a tech gift for Christmas 2020 with a ray of sunshine with, this alarm clock cum lamp is the one you want. This alarm clock shines softly like the morning sun and its light intensifies as the wake up time nears. If you know someone who is always late to rise and needs to correct this habit, this is the gift for them.

  1. Self Stirrer Coffee Mug

For all the lazy lads out there, we hear you. Let us tell you about one of the coolest tech gifts for Christmas, the self stirrer mug. These lazy winter mornings thrash productivity to the ground and hardly let anyone do anything, let alone to stir the coffee for 15 minutes for a piping hot and delicious mug of morning nectar. This self stirrer mug will do the work for your friend while they relax under a warm blanket.

  1. Smartphone Picture Printer

We all know someone who loves to capture memories but converting them into polaroids is too expensive. Cameras are not cheap and not everyone has them but you know what everyone could have. The most hi-tech gift for Christmas, a printer which can print the polaroids directly through a smartphone. It’s uber cool and everyone in the family could use it. It will definitely be loved by everyone.

  1. Multi Device Charging Station Dock

We all have seen the tiring dance of the phone, its battery and charger. They don’t comply with each other and with so many gadgets at home and each one needing a separate outlet, it becomes too much of a hassle to keep them charged at same time but no more of that for your loved one. This dock could charge your phones, electronic pads, music player and more at the same time. This could be the best Christmas gift for a tech lover for sure.

  1. Lightspecs Reading Glasses

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas tech gift for your dad, here it is! A reading glasses with LED on both sides so he could read in peace when the lights are off. He will fall in love with you and this gift instantly and be so glad that you found such a thoughtful gift for him. Make him proud with this one.

  1. A Dog Camera

All the pet lovers, we hear you loud and clear! This dog camera is for the times when you have to leave you sweeter than honey pooch alone at home while you are off at work. You could sync it with your phone and keep an eye on your pet’s activities all day. You can also call their name and watch them tilt their head and have a meltdown. 

  1. Rechargeable Mini Vacuum

Yes, a mini vacuum! This Christmas gift is for the tech guys who love their computers and gaming consoles more than anything. It will clean the keyboard and other nooks and corners of their gadget which otherwise is laden with food crumbs, dust particles and whatnot. It will inspire them to take care of their electronics in order to reduce visits at service stations.

  1. Levitating Floating Globe

A globe is said to be a good luck carrier but who says it has to be the same boring sphere rotating along an axis. This one floats and levitates without a holding axis through it. Yes, it’s magical! No matter if your loved ones are into Geography or not, this one is curated to steal your hearts without a doubt.

  1.  A Key Finder

We all have seen the chaos that reigns the household because someone in the family is not able to find a key. Well, say no to that with this pretty yet useful gift which will help anyone find a key or pretty much anything for that matter within seconds. It could be synced with a smartphone and the attached thing could be located anywhere in the house instantly.

Did you like any of these ideas? What are you giving this Christmas to a tech lover? Drop the answers in the comments.

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